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Death By Chick Lit cover

Death By Chick Lit

Someone is killing all the it-girl authors. But Lola’s still alive, and frankly, she’s a little offended.

“A fun mystery.”
People (selected as a “Great Read”)

“Readers will down this fizzy ‘murder-tini’ in one gulp.”
Publishers Weekly

“A wickedly fun read.”

“The funniest satire usually comes from a place of love. Such is the case with multi-talented author Lynn Harris’ latest…a hilarious, whimsical read.”
The New York Post

“’Death By Chick Lit’ isn’t just a mystery any more than it’s just chick lit; it’s a character-driven novel about ambition, relationships, friendships, and fame. The fact that Harris hung all that on a good, solid mystery is just gravy.”
— Kate Harding, BlogCritics

“Harris has a deceptively sweet, light touch with the humor, which makes it all the more fun when you realize she’s landed some pretty solid digs on hipster/yuppie parenting, the mind-boggling aspects of gentrification in New York, and above all, the sexist bent of the publishing industry that treats women—half the human race—as a speciality group.”

“Totally entertaining, truly absorbing…with an authentic, relatable narrator and some unpredictable twists. Harris has a damn good sense of humor.”

“Brilliant.” (“Lowbrow.”)
New York

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Miss Media

A comic novel about working for the woman… and winning one for the good guys.

Just in time for the new millennium, online advice columnist Lola Somerville lands the plummest of jobs at Ovum Inc., the hip new TV and web network promising smart programming for women. As Ovum’s in-house relationships expert, Lola is now up against the pop-psych big dogs—the authors of the mega-selling The Canon: Your Only Hope For a Husband and of the pharma-memoir Xanax Planet, not to mention E. Ron Wilson, kabillionaire despot of the Men Are Pigs, Women are Nuts empire. But Lola soon starts to suspect that something is rotten in Ovum’s 24-hour juice bar. Could she—and her entire demographic—be up against forces more powerful than incompetence? The sinister, surprising truths Lola uncovers will change her, her slice of the world, and the market share of Ben and Jerry’s, forever.

“Sharp, smart satire.”
New York Magazine

“Harris has a keen, witty ear for how men and women communicate today about the messiness of their love lives (or lack thereof). The plight of her characters is intimately familiar, and the way they express themselves, whether by a hurried IM in the middle of the workday, or in the studied, anonymous flirtation of an e-mail courtship, is absolutely dead-on.”
—Andrew O’Hehir,

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Breakup Girl to the Rescue!

A Superhero’s Guide to Love, and Lack Thereof. Illustrated by Chris Kalb.

Only one superhero fights crimes of the heart, stops dating indignities, and helps you get your stuff back: Breakup Girl. Whether you’re in or out of a relationship, or just trying to get a second date, Breakup Girl will be right there—because she’s been there. Her witty relationship advice is gathered here in this much-loved and dog-eared book, drawing on real letters sent by men, women, and others to the award-winning, cultishly-beloved web site

“Lynn Harris has done for the failed relationship what Jonas Salk did for polio.”
—Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

“A seriously smart and insightful heroine for the new millennium, Lynn Harris’s Breakup Girl is a Joan of Arc for the brokenhearted, a combination Scarlett O’Hara, Mae West, Dear Abby, and Dorothy Parker.”
—Regina Barreca, Ph.D.

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He Loved Me, He Loves Me Not

A Guide To Fudge, Fury, Free Time, And Life Beyond The Breakup.

Illustrated and designed by Chris Kalb. (The origin of Breakup Girl!)

In this definitive survival handbook, BG helps you sort out post-breakup mixed feelings (“I never want to see you again…unless you’re wearing those jeans”), stuff exchanges (“Meet in a neutral place, like a parking lot, or Switzerland”), relapses (“God, you look hot without…commitment”) and more.

“The best gift for anyone who’s going through a breakup.”

“Read this book while eating cheesecake.”

Read excerpts here.

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Tray Gourmet

Be Your Own Chef in the College Cafeteria

Co-author Larry Berger. Illustrated and designed by Chris Kalb.

The original college dining hall cookbook. Use the microwave oven and salad bar fixings to transform standard cafeteria fare into delicious almost-home cooking. (Note: No matter how well kids eat on the meal plan, parents should still send care packages.) And actually still in print!

“This thoroughly entertaining book is surprisingly accurate, entirely practical and professionally wrought.”
Publishers Weekly

“Tray Gourmet is the book you’ll hanker to digest.”

“Help has arrived for work and school cafeteria captives everywhere.”
Chicago Tribune

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MTV’s “Singled Out” Guide to Dating

J.D. Heyman and I totally wrote this. LOL.

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