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Interview with Lynn Harris, founder and CEO of GOLD Comedy – March 2020 – Julie Zeilinger

“That night stuck with me, on into my many-slashes career as a journalist/standup comic/humor writer/comedy teacher and producer/pop culture brand-builder/culture change strategist/professional feminist/resenter of Sandler. I always thought: what if women and girls had the freedom and power to command a stage and be loud or weird and crush like those guys (or bomb and have it not matter!)? I want every non-male who wants that power to have that power.”


Meet 10 Industry Disruptors Paving The Way For Future Businesswomen

Refinery 29 – April 2018 – Allie Briggs

“I had one teenager doing work for us, and when she was done, she told us she didn’t need to get paid. I told her, unless she’s walking into a soup kitchen ready to help, never say that. I’m inflexible on that. It’s something that I want girls to get used to: You work, you get paid.”


The Future is Female! Persisticon Event Brought Comedy, Art, Music and Electing Women Together at Brooklyn Bell House

The Interrobang – March 2018 – Halli Goldman
“Four women—all solidly badass and successful women in their own right—decided that they needed to take action to fight against the horrorshow garbage fire that controls our country right now. So Diana Kane, Theo Kogan, Lynn Harris and Leslie King created this event in support of Emily’s List…”


A stand-up comedian teaches girls to find power in humor

Crain’s New York – February 2018 – Dixie Laite
“Comedy is power. You’re the one with the mic. You’re the one with the punch.”


This woman’s business is funny business

Like A Boss Girls – Dixie Laite
“If you are making people laugh, they are listening to you. You are being yourself. You are in charge. You are telling the story—your story. You have the spotlight. You have the mic. I’d like to give that power to more people. Especially girls. Especially now.”


The New York comedian founding a comedy school for girls

The Daily Dot – August 2016 – Tess Cagle
“It’s a pretty good time for women in comedy. I wouldn’t call it ‘great.’ But how about we make it great?”


The first comedy school for teen girls aims to improve comedy farm teams

Splitsider – July 2016 – David Colon
“Harris wasn’t shy about her big dream for the online component, telling me that she’d like to build ‘a massive virtual funny factory that changes lives, perceptions, and the very face of comedy.’”


Interview with Lynn Harris: Death By Chick Lit

The Huffington Post – Rachel Kramer Bussel
“Mocking Ann Coulter is much more salutary than taking her seriously.”


Standup Comedy Needs More Women
Salon Talks
“How do you teach comedy to women? ‘You teach comedy,'” says Lynn Harris.

We Need More Women in Comedy
“More women in comedy would mean that people would finally stop talking about two kinds of comedy: comedy, and ‘women’s comedy.’”


Snap Judgment
What if one day you found out you look like one of the most famous people in the country—who everybody hates?

Applying it Liberally
Keisha and Andrew talk about gender equality as it relates to comedy, compensation, and society at large with Megan Sass (@Megan_Sass) and Lynn Harris (@harrislynn,

On why mining difficult experiences for stand-up comedy material is a valuable skill, how to tell a joke in a culture dominated by political correctness, and what it’s like being married to a rabbi.