Breakup is the award-winning online headquarters of Breakup Girl, the only superhero who can both bend steel bars and mend broken hearts. Men and women, unattached and taken: anyone can follow BG’s advice and adventures — new every Monday! — to find the humor in heartbreak and the wherewithal to make good relationships (or singlehood) great. (And everyone has a friend who needs the Affirmatron.) Also featured in books, on television, and live on stage, Breakup Girl was co-created (with lots of help) by Lynn Harris and supergenius cartoonist/animator Chris Kalb (

What They’re Saying

* “Breakup Girl has become a star on the Net.”
—The New York Times
* “Fun and flip, geared to the unabashedly hip.”
—USA Today
* “Breakup Girl [is] a modern-day superhero who dispenses funny, irreverent, and consistently intelligent relationship advice.”
—New York Magazine
* “What sets Breakup Girl apart from Dear Abby and Ann Landers? About 50 years and a wicked sense of humor.”
* “You’ll love”
* “Perhaps the only Ivy-educated online love adviser with a background in standup comedy… A staunch foe of simplistic ‘Mars and Venus’ dating drivel.”
* “Breakup Girl is a superhero of a classic stripe. But unlike Superman, Breakup Girl can give advice. Damn good advice, at that.”
—Philadelphia Weekly
* “Hip, funny… a safe, compassionate place to take your broken heart where everybody understands and nobody gets yelled at.”
—San Jose Mercury News

Breakup Girl

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