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Ink spilled about Death By Chick Lit:

“Readers will down this fizzy ‘murder-tini’ in one gulp.”
–Publishers Weekly

“A fun mystery.” — People Magazine (selected as a “Great Read”)

“Brilliant.” — New York Magazine

“A wickedly fun read.” –Glamour

“I toted it to the beach, where it made me laugh so hard that the usually fearless sea gulls avoided my blanket. Lynn Harris’ sharply observed novel of murders and machinations in the Manhattan publishing world struck me as quite delightful…[She] peppers her story with countless acid aperçus, little unburied treasures that keep the reader giggling and hoping for more. If this be chick lit, Harris has hatched a beauty.” — Hartford Courant (again!)

“Harris has a deceptively sweet, light touch with the humor, which makes it all the more fun when you realize she’s landed some pretty solid digs on hipster/yuppie parenting, the mind-boggling aspects of gentrification in New York, and above all, the sexist bent of the publishing industry that treats women—half the human race—as a speciality group.” — Pandagon

“Totally entertaining, truly absorbing…with an authentic, relatable narrator (who is neither obsessed with Coach nor desperate to find a man and make babies) and some unpredictable twists. Harris has a damn good sense of humor.” — Feministing

“Death By Chick Lit isn’t just a mystery any more than it’s just chick lit; it’s a character-driven novel about ambition, relationships, friendships, and fame. The fact that Harris hung all that on a good, solid mystery is just gravy.” — Kate Harding, BlogCritics Magazine

“The funniest satire usually comes from a place of love. Such is the case with multitalented author Lynn Harris’ latest…a hilarious, whimsical read.” — The New York Post

“This good-hearted spoof is lively summer reading.” — Hartford Courant

“Harris’s latest is a comical view of the publishing industry with a twist … Lola Somerville, an up-and-coming chick lit novelist, is an enigmatic protagonist whose winning personality is evenly matched with her sleuthing skills.” –Romantic Times

“Death by Chick Lit is a funny whodunit, ideal for beach, hammock, or plane. Even the throwaway lines are LOL…. Lynn Harris is a former stand-up comic with heart, brains, and a wicked sense of humor.” — Yale Magazine

“Death By Chick Lit is hilarious and a joy to read. The characters are real and loveable, the writing is sharp and funny, the storyline is solid and kept my interest, and the conclusion is very satisfying. The writing moved along at a fast pace from the first sentence to the last. There is not one dull moment in this delightful mystery. I adored Lynn Harris’ writing and I look forward to many more books by this extremely talented author.” —

“Harris will keep readers guessing . . . when they’re not laughing riotously.” — Rachel Kramer Bussel, She Comes First

Click here to read an interview with Lynn about Death By Chick Lit, and chick lit itself, in the Huffington Post.

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General media experience:

Lynn’s media appearances include Good Morning America, The Today Show, Montel Williams, The Ricki Lake Show, VH1, CNN and several shows on Lifetime, plus NPR and 5.3 zillion “Morning Zoo” radio shows. She also played the role of Tonya Harding on Geraldo, which is a long story. She comments frequently in celebrity magazines about matters, such as Britney’s life choices, that are really none of her business.