photo (c) 2014 Denise Winters

Lynn Harris is a believer, and leader, in the creation of pop culture for social change. She believes that a massive comedy adventure for girls (and girl-identified humans) should totally be a thing, and she is currently working hard to make it so. She is Vice President – Communications for Breakthrough, a global human rights organization working to drive the culture change we need to make gender-based violence unacceptable and promote equality and dignity for all.

She spent the 20 years prior as an author, essayist, comedian, commentator, award-winning journalist, and totally random Tonya Harding lookalike. Her most recent book was the satirical novel Death By Chick Lit, which New York Magazine called “brilliant.”

She is also co-creator—with supergenius Chris Kalb—of the award-winning website, online headquarters of the only superhero who rescues men and women from romantic emergencies.

A standup comic for more than a decade (who now puts the “tired” in “retired”), Lynn also co-wrote and co-starred in the Off-Off Broadway show “Lynn Harris on Ice,” which sold out its run in 2002. She continues to appear now and then as host of benefits for good causes around New York City.

She’s the newly-minted co-leader of  Girl Scout troop 2283 in Brooklyn. Lynn is also former pro-bono Public Relations Coordinator for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and, taking you way, way back, former VP Public Relations of the Boston Chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Lynn lives with her husband, David, and young children, Bess and Sam, in Park Slope, Brooklyn. A former ice hockey player, native of Lexington, MA, and Yale grad, she spends her free time worshipping Dolly Parton, making legendary guacamole, co-leading Girl Scout troop 2238, and volunteering as a mentor with The Op-Ed Project (and, formerly, as a tutor with the super awesome 826NYC). She suspects that she is the only person in history who completes this trifecta: Daughter of the American Revolution, Friar, rabbi’s wife.

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